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CHERIDAN ARTHUR [Share-I-Dan. Not, CHAIR-idan, CHAR-idan, or Sharon]


Also known as, Cher. (Not to be confused with the world famous singer. Cannot sing and does not have a boyfriend named Sonny)


1.  Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduate, with a BFA in Advertising and Branding, with a concentration in copywriting. Currently living in Chicago, working for VMLY&R as a Copywriter.

2. Storyteller. Book lover. Proud Hufflepuff. Can often be found journaling, reading in cave of blankets or scrolling through "BookTok" for way too long. 

3. Seeker of discomfortSomeone who finds a thrill in trying new things like improv classes at The Second City, aerial yoga, or moving to a new city.

4. Someone who may not have a lot of awards...but did get an award named after them. Has worked on brands such as Intel, Smartwater, Johnson & Johnson, Xfinity, TD Bank, Fine Wine & Good Spirits, Ziplock, Extra Gum, Alka-Seltzer, Kerrygold and more. 


4. Used to describe an extroverted-introvert. 

5. Used to describe a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream addict.

6. Used to describe someone who communicates in strange noises when frustrated, bored, or just waking up.

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