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Noodles the Pooch - IG Reels

Intel Evo - VMLY&R Sept 2022

We teamed up with Instagram influencer Noodles the Pooch (AKA the corporate canine), to show how Intel Evo laptops make WFH life a breeze…even if your coworkers are still a step behind.

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Tasty Bite - Social Rebrand

Energy BBDO - June 2021

To create something entirely new and authentic for Tasty Bite's social channels, we pivoted from dark tones and portrait imagery to featuring bright colors and textures that capture the beauty of Indian cuisine and culture. We also created a vibrant, spunky tone of voice to speak from that is both fun and educational. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 12.08.08 PM.png

We then broke out our content into three categories: meal inspiration, brand story (educating and sharing rich Indian culture) and lifestyle (relating our product to current events and pop culture moments) 

Meal Inspo Examples

Brand Story Examples

Lifestyle Examples

Seeds of Change

Coming soon...

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