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We worked with BBDO Hong Kong on their brand Vita Lemon Tea.  We created a new experience using AI that would give consumers exclusive access to cool events, allowing them to interact with the brand while also appealing to millennials' sense of adventure.

Case Study

Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Scannable VLT Lemons are placed around the city of Hong Kong. Anyone can download the app to be able to collect and scan the Lemons scattered across the city, in order to begin communication with Vee.

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AI Interaction

After scanning the Lemons, consumers will receive a text from "Vee,"  VLT personified. She will guide you to different locations day and night where one can receive VIP access and exclusive discounts. 

(Swipe right to make the magic happen)

VIP Perks

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Video Edits by Abby Janson - Graphic Design by Guen Alas - Art Direction by Shelby Hawk

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