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My 2021 Game Plan

Every year I set resolutions for the new year. And within a week or two, I’ve failed or completely forgotten I even set a resolution to begin with, already wrapped up in my old, destructive ways. This year I am not simply setting goals. Oh, no. I am making a game plan.

We all say, “I want to be healthier this year.” Okay, great. But, like... how? Unfortunately, “healthier” doesn’t just happen as the clock strikes midnight on NYE. And as someone who gets very easily overwhelmed, I cannot simply say “I am going to write a novel.” Yikes. That sounds like a terrifying, lofty monster of a goal that I will no way in hell ever realistically accomplish. I throw in the towel before I even begin. I have to break a big goal into digestible, bite-sized pieces for me to accomplish anything. Novel? Scary. Writing for ten minutes a day? That doesn’t sound so bad. Hence, where the game plan comes in. I have set five goals for myself (sounds manageable, right?) and broken them down into specific, small habits to put in place in order to achieve something greater…hopefully.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, 2020 has surprisingly triggered a lot of personal growth within me. The overwhelming amount of free time newly made available, allowed me to instill some pretty constructive habits. This, of course, was after the initial few months of Domino’s Pizza being my only contact to the world outside my bed. (You know, when we all thought quarantine was going to be a short-lived thing.) But when the world slowly starts to open back up again, I fear these newly formed habits will go out the window along with my free time. I hope that this game plan will not only carry over good habits into the new year, but also form new ones (she says as she tries her best to type with crossed fingers).

Some of the items listed in my game plan are things I’ve stolen from books, self-help gurus, friends who actually have their shit together, and some I’ve figured out on my own. I am not an expert in any means on the subject of self-help, but I hope you find the game plan below helpful as you, like me, hang for dear life on to fragments of hope that 2021 will be different, only two weeks into January.

  1. “Live each day as if it were the last day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.”

AKA be more present.

· Practice gratitude, continue daily gratitude lists

· Continue daily meditation practice

· Reframe your mindset to see even the most ordinary tasks as an adventure and approach with them excitement

· Write thank-you notes to everyone and everything

· Have at least one hour a day with no phone, no computer, and no TV

· Be outside in nature as much as possible

2. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

· Have daily dance parties, even if only for 5 minutes

· Sign up for a burlesque class/aerial yoga (or some other class that will make exercising feel fun, sexy, and way less dreadful)

· Practice speaking kindly to yourself

· Continue daily at-home yoga practice

· Buy some sexy, comfy underwear cause you deserve it (and stop buying clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable in hopes that someday they will be)

· Eat healthier (see #4)

3. Be gentle with yourself

· Continue listing and recognizing reasons why you should be proud of yourself, even the most minuscule of tasks should be recognized (yes, even getting out of bed in the morning)

· Reward yourself for jobs well done with a treat (other than food) like a bubble bath, a coffee “me date” or something small you’ve been looking forward to purchasing

· Schedule frequent “me time” dates

· Listen to yourself and your needs

4. Eat healthier

· Prep meals for daily lunches on Sundays

· Allow yourself time in the morning to eat a full breakfast, that way you aren’t as hungry later in the day

· Commit to eating something green once a day

· Treat yourself to one slice of Italian bread (leave the second and the third)

· Remember: soda is your kryptonite

· Try not to let other people’s poor eating habits influence your own

· Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored

5. Write / read more

· Commit to reading for 30 minutes a day before bed

· Continue daily journaling

· Start carrying a notebook at all times so you don’t forget when inspiration strikes

· Look into getting your masters in some sort of writing

· Start a blog and commit to writing weekly posts

…Well, at least I can check one thing successfully off my list. Happy New Year ladies and gents!

I would love to read your game plan for the new year. Feel free to reach out to me at or tag me in yours @cheridan.arthur


What I'm Reading:

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - Hopping on this train late and loving it so far. The little kick in the ass I needed to help me get through the first few weeks back to work after the holidays. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a post-holiday blues boost.

What I'm Listening To:

T-Swizzle's Evermore album - 'Cause, really, what girl isn't right now? I used to sit on the floor for hours listening to Taylor's albums over and over on my pink CD player...guess not much has changed in the past 15 years. This album reminds me of her original stuff I loved so much as a kid and it makes my heart leap with nostalgia.

What I'm Watching:

Netflix's Bridgerton - Again...'cause what girl isn't right now? (Clearly, I'm very original.) I had so much fun watching this show, and not just because the Duke is the ultimate eye candy. Movies and shows that take place in the 1800's always make me feel extremely grateful to be a woman in the 21st century (no matter how killer their wardrobes were).

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