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Top Five Coffee Shops in Savannah, Georgia

I can’t tell you anything about the rich history that I know lies throughout the city of Savannah. I can’t tell you any riveting ghost stories the city is famous for. But when it comes to coffee shops, I know my stuff. When you spend four years of your life practically living in various coffee shops scattered throughout the city, using their caffeinated beverages as fuel to carry on, you learn a thing or two. Time to spill the beans on my top five favorites below, saving the best for last, of course.

5. Art’s Café

345 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

This place has a double-decker bus inside, that you can actually sit in and enjoy your coffee. Need I say more? When I came to look at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) for the very first time, this was the first place I visited. I was sold on the school before the tour even began. It was more unique than anything I had ever seen in the small NJ town I grew up in, and different is exactly what I was looking for.

Photo by @scadartscafe

Art’s café sits in the very heart of the city next to a beautiful square with Savannah’s signature Spanish moss trees. Although it is a SCAD-run café, anyone can come and enjoy their smoothies and sammies. But everything is better when it’s included in a meal plan, so I frequented Art’s mostly as a Freshman and a Sophomore. I loved to climb to the top of the double-decker and spend a morning writing in my journal, sipping a coffee, and thinking I was such a cool grown-up. Their menu consists of smoothies, coffee, sandwiches, salads, and typically rotate specialty drinks.

Once you’ve grabbed a beverage and some SCAD merch, stop in next door to the Gryphon (an old apothecary that SCAD turned into a super cozy little restaurant) for some lunch and order the salmon. You won’t be disappointed. Then, walk to the other side of Madison Square and stop in E. Shaver Booksellers, the best bookstore in all of Savannah. Grab some kitty pets and a new book to read in the square and voila! You have a perfect day in the city. You can thank me later.

My recommendation:

The London Fog - They had this specialty drink in the fall. Fingers crossed it’s there when you visit. If not, I am terribly sorry for your loss.

4. Gallery Espresso

234 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

This is the island of misfit chairs…and I love it. Gallery has an array of mismatched furniture that all looks like it was once owned by a grandma with impeccable taste and are all broken-in to the perfect comfy degree. These are the ideal couches for book reading, my friends. Plus, the windows provide wonderful natural light, which makes spending the entire day there slaving away on group projects much more tolerable. Not to mention, I’ve never gone into Gallery and been disappointed in their music choices. They always follow through.

Oh, and did I mention it sits right on Chippewa Square? Yes, where they shot the "life is like a box of chocolates" bench scene from Forrest Gump. Hey, I may not know history, but I've collected a few fun facts over the years.

When I first visited Gallery, I was a bit overwhelmed by their vast menu. They have everything from Italian soda to cappuccinos, cakes to bagels, root beer floats to mimosas. But I’ve narrowed the selection down to a few favorites.

Photo by @galleryespresso

My recommendations:

White Chocolate Cappuccino - Even in the blazing 100-degree heat and blazing humidity, I will get this every time. It’s like giving a hug to each of your taste buds personally.

Poppy Seed Bagel - Being born and raised in Jersey, I have pretty high standards for bagels. And for southern bagels, Gallery’s ain’t too shabby.

3. Superbloom

2418 De Soto Ave, Savannah, GA 31401

Superbloom is my hidden gem (I actually hesitate to tell you about it because I enjoy the quiet of this quaint little shop so much. But alas, I must be honest with my readers). Far away from the touristy sections of the city in the Starland District, Superbloom is in the ideal location. Right smack dab in between my two favorite breweries/bars in the city. Sometimes on Saturdays, I’ll hop over to Superbloom for a coffee and some journaling in the sun while listening to the ideal soundtrack playing over the loudspeakers at Starland Yard, and then I pop in to Two Tides for a beer slushie before heading home (Coming soon: My top ten favorite bars in Savannah).

Are you ready to see the fanciest coffees you’ve ever seen in your life?

BOOM. Are these not the most aesthetically pleasing beverages you’ve ever seen? Almost too pretty to drink. Almost. When I first walked into Superbloom I was high-key intimidated by their menu with all the “CBD” this and “Probiotic” that. I’m not one of those girls who is super into kombucha or anything that’s considered a “superfood.” But, I was willing to give it a try…for the gram. My first thought when I got my drink was “Are we supposed to eat the flowers?” (Answer still yet to be determined.) My second thought was “Sweet momma, that’s good.”

Another reason I love Superbloom so much is because they sell the most adorable items made by local artists. They’ve got everything including handmade jewelry, masks, and postcards. My only complaint about this delightful shop is the lack of seating. They have two tables indoors and out, which makes it less than ideal for coming to actually get some work done. However, sitting on their outdoor patio on a sunny day next to their wall of greenery with my journal or a good book is one of my favorite places to be.

My Recommendation:

Maca Cacao Dragonfruit – She ain’t just a pretty face ladies and gents. I still don’t really know what’s in it, but anything that tastes this good should probably be illegal.

2. Savannah Coffee Roasters

215 W Liberty St, Savannah, GA 31401

Coffee Roasters and I have a history. I’ve spent many a late night and many an early morning, pounding my head against their tables (a surefire cure for writer's block). As much as their pastries are enticing, I was always drawn to Coffee Roasters for the space. It’s large, dark, moody interior makes me feel like a starving artist (even while drinking a $5.00 coffee). Plus, they’re one of the only coffee shops in the city with big enough tables for a group of five students to spread out their laptops, chargers, notebooks, and breakfasts, of course. Coffee Roasters was always the ideal setting for group rants…I mean, projects. And for that, I am forever in her debt.

Even if you’re not a student, I am sure you will be charmed by her exposed brick and crackling fireplace. Not to mention their never ending menu. I’m almost positive Coffee Roasters can make you about any beverage you could ever ask for. And I love coming in and seeing what surprises their pastry case displays have in store. I don’t think you could really go wrong with anything on your menu, but of course I have a go-to.

My recommendation:

Carmel Frappe – With whipped cream, duh. The perfect sugary beverage to beat the Savannah heat. P.S. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep their cups. Whoever made their logo gets an A+ from me.

1. Foxy Loxy’s

1919 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

I could write an entire novel on why Foxy Loxy's is the greatest coffee shop in the world, let alone the city of Savannah. Foxy’s is basically every hipster’s wet dream. I’m almost positive that tattoos, piercings, and a super charming, laid back attitude are all requirements to be able to work there. Even their bathrooms are cooler than any décor I’ve ever had in any of my apartments.

Foxy’s is like a secret club, that every SCAD student knows about. If you didn’t go to Foxy’s as much as you went to class, did you even go to SCAD? When you have a regular at Foxy’s, you know you’ve made it as a true Savannah-ite. The coffee shop itself is made up of two floors and a huge courtyard around back. If you are ever lucky enough to find the upstairs balcony vacant, sit and enjoy this lovely little slice of heaven surrounded by Spanish moss for as long as possible.

When you first see Foxy’s menu, you may be slightly confused, as I was. Tacos and coffee? Weird combo. No. I was wrong. It’s a combo made by the gods. Not only do they have an array of Tex-Mex food, but also a variety of wines, beer and charcuterie boards. And you can’t forget their pastries. Ever heard of a kolache? Me neither, but after Foxy’s you’ll never forget it.

On Saturday evenings, Foxy’s hosts “Fire & Wine Night” where they set up fire pits in the back courtyard, sell the cutest s’mores kits, and offer half-off bottles of wine. I wasn’t exactly what you’d call a “party girl” in college, so most of my Saturday nights were spent here. Some of my favorite memories in Savannah consisted of me and my friends splitting a bottle of wine and sitting around a fire pit, munching on some mallows. Occasionally, Foxy’s will host movie nights as well in the courtyard, which are a blast too.

Foxy Loxy’s is just one of many sister coffee shops/restaurants around the city. This is their best location by far, but they also own The Coffee Fox, Henny Penny Café, and Fox & Fig if you want to give those a try too.

My recommendations:

Horchata Late – It took me three years to find my signature Foxy drink, and now there’s no turning back. This is the perfect combo of bitter and sweet. Get it iced to keep you cool in the courtyard.

Beef and Chorizo Taco – Guys. Foxy's double-layers their taco shells and glues them together with cheese. Not even Gordan Ramsey could’ve come up with something this genius.

Cookie Dough Brownie – The only thing that was delicious enough to get me through my time at SCAD. It’s chilly, richness never let me down. Don’t leave without one.

And thus concludes my time as an amateur coffee connoisseur. Feeling jittery yet? Cheers.

Let me know your favorite Savannah coffee shops or go-to places in the comments below. Tried one of my recommendations? I’d love to know how right I was and how much you can’t wait to go back for another. Feel free to reach out to me over email at or follow me on Instagram @cheridan.arthur


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